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Exclusive PATENTED Original NWA Virtual Zero software designed to be used on all legacy NON PENDANT machines.

When paired with the CNC Shark touch plate, (Sold Separately) Virtual Zero "maps" the surface of your table or workpiece by averaging five specific points of reference and then automatically adjusts the Gcode smoothing out any imperfections in your work piece. This drastically reduces problems caused by warped boards, or inconsistencies in the table, which often occur when clamping pressure is applied to materials being machined. It also opens up untold creative potential when working with 3- dimensional work pieces.

Link will be emailed upon receiving receipt for purchase.

Before placing your order, have you thought about upgrading your older system to the latest pendant technology? Most older machines can be adapted to the newer tech, which includes both Virtual Zero and the NEW Virtual Zero Unlimited.

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Control Panel 2.1 / Virtual Zero

Works with most model CNC Sharks produced before 2015. If you have a question about compatibility please email with your model and serial number before ordering.

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