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Brand: NWA

Manufacturer went out of business - no longer available

The 3D Digital Duplicator attaches to the router in any CNC Shark® or CNC Piranha® Routing System to trace objects down to 0.001" detail, allowing the user to import image data for replicating objects, shapes and patterns.

Simply program the Shark to operate at the same detail level as the 3D Digital Digitizer to reproduce the object in an STL file that can be used over and over.

The 3D Digital Duplicator works well for replicating basic shapes for carvings or reproducing damaged areas on antiques or other irreplaceable items.

The 3D Digital Duplicator requires Vectric VCarve or similar software to be used with all CNC Shark or Piranha models.

Caution, the tip may mark softer materials, such as clay, basswood, or plaster. We suggest testing a small area on the material before scanning the entire piece.

NOTE: To avoid accidents or injury, always be sure to unplug the router prior to attaching the Digital Duplicator.

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