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This first of it's kind computerized lift is designed to be used in conjunction with a Ready2Rout electronic fence or Ready2Rout remote control touch screen (both sold separately)

When used with the Ready2Rout fence configuration, the Ready2Lift can work separately or in unison to help create amazing joinery with ease. Just imagine a lift that can produce things like pocket joinery, biscuit slots, precise dadoes, sliding dovetails, through dovetails, 1/2 blinds, and many more. Need to adjust the bit a little? You can easily do that with the Ready2Lift, at the press of a button you can add or subtract as little as .001 of an inch.

Built rugged enough to handle the large Porter Cable 7518 - 3 1/4" HP router, the Ready2Lift can also accommodate smaller routers like the Porter Cable 690-890, Bosch 1617, and Dewalt 610 routers with an optional adapter available.

Not ready to purchase the Ready2Rout fence just yet? Purchase the Ready2Lift and the optional remote touch screen and enjoy the ability of raising or lowering your bit with ease and precision. Then later down the road add in the Ready2Rout Fence which will also interface with the remote touch screen.
  • Rugged, all-metal construction with 3/8'' thick plate
  • 3 solid steel rings insert rings with magnetic hold downs included - 1" - 1 5/8" - 3 5/8"
  • Fast and accurate bit height adjustment with digital precision
  • Raise and lower router bits in 0.001'' increments
  • Measure in fractions, decimals, or metric
  • Save eight bit height settings into memory for fast changes between common setups
  • Fits Porter-Cable 7518 routers, with optional adapters available for additional models like Porter Cable 890, 690, Bosch 1617, 1618, Dewalt 610
  • Can work in tandem with Ready2Rout fence (R2R_001) for even greater capabilities

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