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Stylus or Pen Adhesive Mounts

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Product Details

Designed for those who prefer using a stylus for pendant screens or if you just want to keep pencils or small tools handy here is a great little universal holder we found.

Sold a dozen to a pack.

  • Adjustable Spring Loop- The innovative stainless-steel design allows the loop to expand to fit any size pen, pencil, and marker, smaller to larger, 360 ° rotate.
  • Strong Adhesive Backing- Perfect pen clip is perfect for sticking to the sides of your monitor, refrigerator, nightstand, and any other home office or kitchen usage.
  • Stainless steel material- very durable and stylish
  • The pocket clip can be attached to the clipboard and binders, with the pen holder clip, never worry about missing your pens and pencils again, keeps your pen handy all the time.

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